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Source for legacy Ducati Voltage Regulators


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My VR bit the dust after about 250 hours and I installed my last Ducati spare. I get about the 250 hours and its been easier and cheaper than doing the upgrade mod. I can no long find the original Ducati brand VR, only some Chinese knockoffs. Does any have a source for the originals, or have you had good results with any 'plug and play' replacements? I'd prefer not rewiring the harness or cutting into the cowl. Thanks!
Thanks for the references. While the B&C is expensive, if it lasts it may be the right way to go. Looks like it has a much better heat sink than the Ducati.
Leading Edge Airfoils has a VR for the 912 (with a Rotax part number) in stock (just looked at their web site). Are you looking for something else?
All I have found so far are VR's that require some level of rewiring which is above my skill set. I will talk to Lockwood, but there seems to be a push to the newer design which will be expensive for the retro kit and installation.
Thanks for all of your input.
If you aren’t bound by S-LSA rules, I hear the Harley Davidson VR is bulletproof ..I put one in a Kitfox at the recommendation of Hal Stockman, and so far, it’s been fine.
Just in case you don't find the Ducati
This is the modification for John Deere
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