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scrap aluminum sizes

I've got to drive down to Spruce to get some aluminum sheet to make some doublers and a couple of aileron spars. (.040) Shipping is insane! It's only 20 miles away.

As long as I'm down there, what other guages/thicknesses have you F-1/Harmon/RV builders found useful to have laying around?

I seem to recall having to cut your own rudder pedals, though that can wait for now. I'll look in the plans for the recommended thickness, which I'm sure is more than .040.
I'd get 2'x2' sheets of 0.20 and 0.32 plus a 1'x1' square of .063.

You'll save yourself a few additional trips to Peachtree City.
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Years ago before I started building my RV-6, first flight September 1997, I purchased two 'grab bags' of aluminum sheet from Aircraft Spruce. Was able to get most of the little pieces that I wanted to make without buying much material to make little brackets and parts.

Looking on their website now, they have steel and aluminum bargain bags but not finding one for aluminum sheet.

I find it nice to have a little bit of 0.020, 0.025, 0.032, 0.040, 0.063, and 0.125 around. Used a piece of 0.125 last week to make a new cover plate to accept a better air inlet filter for my shop air compressor.
...and 050 and 125; 2x2 if not 2x4s of each. Sure you've got enough angle? You'll be surprised at what you'll need for fixtures, brackets, cover plates, etc. . Got the steel tube for the control column splice? It's only 20 miles but why make the trip more than you have to?