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SB00058 - replacing HIC module - AV-60009


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I am working on SB 00058 to install AV-60009-2 on HIC module. I need a confirmation for identifying the PIN numbers on the 8-pin molex connector. The pin 1 and 8 are identified on the connector but rest of it can go either way. Please look into the picture and confirm which one is correct identification.


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Anybody doing SB-00058 on a new construction 12iS? The kit came with the TOOL-00005 replacement kit that includes TOOL-00114 drill guide. SB-00058 instructs installing the drill guide and drilling the called out holes. It goes on to say "Install the AV-60009-2 onto the F-0120B-1..." However it does not say if TOOL-00114 should be unbolted and removed first! I am assuming it should be because it's identified as a 'tool', however, we all know what 'ASSUME' stands for. It is Friday evening and I will not be able to contact Tech Support until Monday.