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RV8 shoes


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I’m told by younger guys I will never get a date ever in these things but I like them a lot.


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No you will not. There’s a guy in our church that wears them every Sunday with slacks and a collared shirt. He looks nice otherwise but these monkey shoes make him look ridiculous. Maybe OK around the hangar but jeez who ever thought these would catch on. Maybe they’re super comfortable but like you said, good luck getting a date if you wear those in public.

My wife occasionally says things like, “You’re not going out in public like that are you”? Primarily if I try to wear a camp shirt but I only wear those to the hangar anyway. To each his own……..
I've been wearing the Vibram Fivefingers shoes for close to 15 years. I wear them all summer, to work and at home. Apart from looking awesome, they are great for building arch strength and avoiding plantar fascia issues. The thin rubber soles allow you to feel everything on the ground and while flying the rudder feel is unparalleled (well, I haven't tried flying barefoot...).

As for never getting a date, well, my SO has a pair too...
Right on!
I have 13 EEE feet. Most shoes won’t fit in the pedals without a belt sander trim.
I feel way less guilty about stepping on the wing and seat. Just the weight of my regular shoes will knock it out of trim. You can feel stuff you didn’t before.
Ape shoes = ape date ?? Just saying……..


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Yep, those are mighty ugly. I don’t think my bunyan would fit in there. Of course I could just cut a hole in the side and let it hang out like a sixth toe…..
I’ve got this pair too. More for church and what not


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That’s Rex. He was my constant companion when I was building. He was going to be my back seater. Only thing is once it was done he doesn’t want anything to do with the plane. Will not go in the hanger. Pic is where he stays while visiting the airport which is obviously not tenable so he stays home.


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