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RV-3 engine question

RV-3 Engine Question

As mentioned previously, you need to start with the engine mount. Did you get one with the airframe? If so, then you need to align your engine purchase with what you've got already; or a). get with Van's to purchase a different one, b). fabricate your own (A/C Spruce who sells "Dynafocal Engine Mount Rings & Kits").

RV-3A (O-290G) IRAN/flown/sold
RV-9A (Mazda 13B/FWF)
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RV-3 Engines - From a high level generic perspective

At a very high level, the RV-3 was designed and/or has been generally fitted with Lycoming engines in flavors of O-235, O-290, O-320 series.

With the exception of a few oddball models as well as the 0 320H series, all conical mount four cylinder Lycoming's fit the same mount and nearly all Dynafocal engines fit the same mount.