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Read this document before registering (or posting).

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Large boards usually have a 'Read Me First' section. It's time I created one.
Thank you in advance for reading,
Doug Reeves
(your host)

READ ME FIRST before registering a forums account
Welcome future, current and past fans of Van’s Aircraft aircraft!​
You might currently be a ‘lurker’ on the site and are thinking about creating a forums account so you can join in the conversation. That sounds like a great plan! Before you do though, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the text below – it can oftentimes reduce the chance of any difficulty and frustration down the road.​
Because the site has a following, we’re sometimes the target of scammers. Because of that I’ve had to kinda watch the new registrations a little closer.​
- Your registration might be denied if your submitted info doesn’t pass the ‘smell test’.​
o The email address you enter will be searched online – those returning hits on spam lists will be denied.​
o Entering ‘none of your business’, or anything but your first and last name in the First Name / Last Name field is not going to get you in.​
READ THE POSTING RULES before you register.​
o If you’re joining just so you can promote your non-advertiser business or service, those posts are deleted, and your account most likely locked down. Read the posting rules please (#1)​
o If you’re joining just so you can create a for sale listing, you will need to REALLY go the extra mile to convince folks you are not a scammer. Lots of detail. Phone number. Email address. You’re under the microscope and a scam risk by default.​
o If you are just joining the site so you can bitch and moan about a vendor that made your salad wrong or looked at you with an eyebrow raised, save us the effort and don't bother. Those same vendors that you're hoping to "shame into fixing your problem" are the same vendors who are helping me feed my family. Any truly horrible treatment by a vendor should result in you contacting the Better Business Bureau. There are channels already in place for this type of thing. If you were wondering if I show favoritism towards the vendors who choose to advertise here, you're dang right I do! They help me make my house payment and keep the lights on.​
o DON’T POINT TO ANOTHER COMPTETING SITE (ebay, barnstormers, trade a plane, etc). Those get deleted.​
o Don’t ‘bump’ your classified threads. Bad form and it clogs up the new posts and today's posts results.​
o Classified fraud alerts​
 Be very suspect of ‘Private Message’ only or ‘Email only’ listings. Scammer red flag. Avoid “I’m interested PM me” type listings OR REPLIES. Phone numbers or email addresses that can be Googled is the way to go. If a private message or email sent to you has a ‘click on this link for more info’ type URL, suspect a scammer!​
 Pro Tip: List your phone number and email in the ad in a way that is very hard for automated spam robots to harvest. Example below:​
• John Doe at nine 7 two – 33 four – 7 six 8 one​
john.doe ‘at’ comcasK ‘dot’ com*​
*replace the ‘K’ with a ‘t’​
 Look for an autosignature in all posts with info that can be searched in a search engine (N-number, builder # at Van’s, an online blog with a history of construction photos/travel stories, etc.​
 The more ‘Googleable’ info you give the better. Internet savvy people will want to prove to themselves that you aren’t a scammer before contacting you (the smart ones will).​
There are some real dirtbags online, so don’t kid yourself. They exist. This site is big enough to attract the scum who want to rip you off. Your default condition when using the classifieds should be one of suspicion!​
If this document hasn’t scared you off <grin>, please register and become friends with some really amazing people. If you're not comfortable with any of this, simply remain a 'lurker'. We're still glad you're here!​
Kindest and best,​
Doug Reeves​
(host / janitor)​
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