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Mel Asberry


Moderator, Asst. Line Boy
On today's VAF front page, Doug celebrated our good friend Mel Asberry's recognition by the FAA for having completed 1000 airworthiness inspections.


Mel also issued KELLI GIRL her pink slip in April of 2015, over 1100 Hobbs hours ago. I am thrilled to have KELLI GIRL's inspection listed among Mel's 1000 inspections. He is an absolute professional, a delightful gentleman to work with. I am amazed how far back into the fuselage he journeyed to eyeball my handiwork....thorough!

Mel, from all of us, CONGRATULATIONS. It's clear how much you enjoy this job and this community. I challenge all CURRENT builders to get your project listed on his inspection schedule: Your RV will come out all the better.

Cheers and Merry Christmas, Mel. :)
Mel’s signature is on the AWC for two of airplanes, so we know his real secret weapon...Ann! She’s got a great eye for details and keeps Mel on track - without her, I bet he’d only have done about half of those thousand by now.... ;)

Congrats to the both of them!

Paul & Louise
Congratulations Mel and thank you for all you do to support experimental aviation. You inspected my RV-8 back in May 2005, signed her off and she still flies great.