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Looking for a Instructor for BFR near KSGJ


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I'm new to the area, and need to do a Flight review. Any recommendations?
My RV6 is based at KSGJ (St Augustine)

Holladay Aviation KCRG

I did my BFR in my 7A with Dana Holladay of Holladay Aviation at Craig this past December.

He’s pretty easy going and will figure out pretty quickly if you’re a safe pilot and conduct the review accordingly.

We spent most of our ground instruction going over the Navy drone TFR which you need to understand when flying in the vicinity of KCRG.

I think it is worth trying to do it with Dana himself vs one of the other instructors at his flight school.
Bill call me; Adrian Gonzalez, Gene Melton or Wayne Henderson can do them in your airplane right here in KSGJ. Over the years they have given me BFR's in my plane.