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Houston area monthly lunch (November 2021)


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Why wait until Thanksgiving to nuke your weight-control goals? Come out to my place at Sport Flyers the weekend before and get a head start with some ribs fresh off the smoker!

OK, more seriously, we're doing this at my hangar again on 11-20. Food will be ready around 11:30, and the temperature should be great - hopefully the forecast will hold out too so we can get some good fly-in activity.

As I've done previously, please let me know if you're planning on attending, and also if you expect to fly in. This is so I can plan on the right size pile of food, and also see how many neighbors I should talk to about aircraft parking. You can reply here, send me a PM, or text four2three 4three2 nine4three7.

For fly-ins, I'm on the west side of the field, seventh hangar from then north end. For drive-ins, the street address is 4614 Windsock Ln, Brookshire.

NOTE FOR FLY-INS: Please don't park on the grass without someone on the ground guiding you. There are culverts on either side of my ramp that you do not want to put a wheel into. I'll have them flagged, but I'd still prefer to provide guidance. Better safe than sorry.

I am really sorry that I won't be able to make it this month! Looks like it should be perfect weather.
Good times! Nice to have a ramp full of RVs again, really glad everyone was able to make it out. Hopefully next time I’ll be showing off a hung engine…


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