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HELP WANTED RV-4 Rebuilder Needed in Southern Utah


Know anyone who can come to Cedar City, Utah for a few weeks and finish repairs on an RV-4?

Airframe HELP WANTED to complete RV-4 repairs in Cedar City. N18TW, an award-winning RV-4, had a bad day in Escalante UT a couple of years ago. (Roscoe, you scuffed my patrol car!) Repairs are about half finished and need to be expedited.

Owner wants a skilled Experimental builder / A&P to complete the job in Cedar City this Spring, for return to frequent flying and paint this summer. Negotiable pay, no need to 'cheap screw' the job. Especially interested in someone who can do professional quality work full-time for a month or so.

• Fiberglass repairs and paint prep for cowls and canopy skirt
• Install new fiberglass leg fairings and wheel pants
• Some riveting at firewall/fwd fuse
• Minor canopy structure repair, fabrication, possible welding
• Install (new) mount for engine & (new) main gear
• Engine & C/S prop installation
• Wheels, axels, brakes cleanup and remounting
• Wings reinstall with wiring reconnections

Contact Buck Steele, 435-233-8561 [email protected].