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Flight to Bahamas anyone?


I'm New Here
Just wondering if anyone here has done a flight to the Bahamas yet?
I've had my RV9A since March this year, and haven't did one. Would like to soon, but don't won't to flying solo formation.
Several times.

Yes, we’ve made several trips, starting at Ft. Pierce on to Freeport. Your dollars are most welcome and try to avoid Nassau…a tourist rap.

From Freeport you can make day trips to visit other island and attractions, with several airports available. Be sure your GPS has the Caribbean database…our 430 didn’t! But the 496 did. Don’t forget passports….we did and had to go home…🙁 and back..1400 miles in one day…😳…in the speedy RV-10.

The Bahamians are very welcoming and polite,