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Elevator pushrod install


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Van’s instructions discusses the main pushrod but no mention of the smaller one going to the stick. I also read ahead and there is no mention of reinstalling the fat tube or the small one at all.

I feel that once my empennage is attached there is no reason not to install both pushrods.

Install early

I would install the pushrod from the stick to the elevator bell crank as early as possible. It is a pain. I had to force mine in and still have the paint scratched off in places because of the force need to get it in.
There's no big advantage to installing the "fat tube" early in the process. As mentioned, it will scrape the primer or paint off if left hanging on one end, or will be in the way of other work. While you'll need to drill it to the elevator horns at some point, they will likely go in and out several times during the build. Fitting and sanding the elevator tips comes to mind.

That back pushrod is a bugger to connect properly with all the spacers and washers that are required. You can drop a bolt through there just to hold it all together in the meanwhile, but the final rigging will require that the stick grips, instrument panel with switches, and several other components be in place to ensure proper range of travel.
That pushrod from the stick to the elevator bell crank doesn’t need to be forced in scratching paint etc. Can be installed (or removed) at any time ……. Install, Lay the pushrod on the R/H side of the luggage wall vertical centre brace, then in past (forward on the LH) the stick connect up point. The pushrod then can be easily put into its position in the tunnel.
This. I've seen multiple threads talking how hard this is to install or how you have to install the tube before you rivet the ends on or it wont fit or whatever.

None of that's true. Follow the process GregMac describes and it will slide right in. You might need to remove the ends to make it a bit shorter and then screw them back on after the tube is in the tunnel. but other than that, no heroic measures required.