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Ecomotors Opoc Engine


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I listen to a number of podcasts while I'm building.
Autoline After Hours episode #63 (free on iTunes) had on Dr. Peter Hofbauer from Ecomotors talking about their new Opoc engine. They recently got some serious VC funding from Bill Gates and Vinod Khosla.

Take a look at the pictures of the engine on their web site. It has opposed pistons in opposed cylinders.

During the show, one of the questions they took asked about future applications for aviation. Supposedly this engine is much more efficient than anything out there and it can run just about any fuel. They also talked about a suitcase sized version that can generate 5 kilowatts. Very intriguing technology!
Looks kinda wide...

I sure like how the crank takes all the load, allowing for a much lighter case. The two-stroke loop-scavenged design is good, too - no valves, cam, lifters, etc. But might be tough making a decent looking cowling for it....
And this engine run?
No, Sorry this engine is not promising and obviously neither economical nor Greener - who understand the processes occurring in the PSL will understand what I mean

for reference: this dvigatel developed for the U.S. Army and allies, and was written off ....

... On the ground came rushing motors, and in the air and as a generator set, he could not stand competition turbines ... and was on the scrap heap of history, and in two more prototypes, which are now trying to Provisional Government civilian (like Bill Gates - http://www .ecomotors.com / news / khosla-ventures-and-bill-gates-invest-ecomotors'-r ... - who believes that he still serve in the "developing" countries

"The opoc ? engine can be an important step in providing affordable, low-emission transportation for the developing world," said Gates. )

another group of Chinese managers built a 18 million http://www.ecomotors.com/news/zhongding-holding-group-co-ltd-and-global-optima-l ...

Professor Hofbauer knows his business as they say the first step in the business - to steal (in its patent on the ERA dazhu no mention of the engine Junkers, whose property is ... ERA and development introduced in 30s years on cars. Hofbauer mention this patent Junkers and not see he now neither his rank nor position nor Billy with his fund nor the Chinese