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Alternator questions - RV8A Installation


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These pics are of an alternator that was being used on a Lyc O320-E2A that came off a Piper trainer. If I use this, I have to come up with my own installation - what is pictured there will not fit the RV8A cowl.
Was wondering if anyone can tell me anything about it, as used in the aviation community. I took it to an alternator shop, and it seems to work fine. The stamps though are so worn I can't make out a make or model - was told it was made for Chryslers, so maybe it should not have been on a certified engine.
If anyone knows how this might fit onto an 8A engine, I would appreciate the info. Looks to be quite old (1977 stamp is readable). Replacing it might be the right move. Thanks.
Clifford Dominey
Alvin, Texas


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Pretty much no one uses a “stock” aircraft alternator (they are all automotive - Chrysler, FORD, etc…) on RV’s because they don’t fit under the cowl. If you do a search for “alternator here on VAF, you’ll have hours and hours (maybe days or weeks) of educational reading, but it all comes down to a Nippondenso case - folks use either an ND alternator from the auto parts store, or one built for experimental aviation by companies like B&C.

That one is best used as a boat anchor - or sell it to a certified airplane person who needs one!