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A great Advert RV-10 story (On App. Control Freq.)


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I was on an IFR flight plan to Hilton Head Island last week. I usually flight plan for 174 Knots TAS (and usually get more:)). I was handed off to Beaufort Approach Control to get to the RNAV approach at HH.

I was descending at about 180 KTAS and had a 17 KT tailwind component, and Beaufort Approach Control, over the frequency called another aircraft going to HH, and said "November XYZ I need to turn you inbound now, there is an RV-10 behind you at 200 Knots over the ground."

Talk about an in flight RV grin :)........
Sorry - not a 10 but a 9. I had a similar last wednesday coming back from northern Michigan. I was going through Lansing airspace with flight following and the tower told another pilot - dont worry about the RV traffic, he already passed you at 200mph. I admit I had a really nice tail wind but it still felt good!
A few years ago we were descending into Santa Barbara when SoCal told the Cirrus in front of us to do a left 360 to let faster traffic by (us in the RV-6). That also generated the RV grin!
“I think it is a jet!”

My son and I were descending into the Philly area from Penn State in an RV6, not on with ATC but monitoring Allentown approach when we were called out to IFR traffic with the controller concluding ”I think it is jet”. High fives in the cockpit!
Some guy in a Bonanza whined to the tower and said I cut him off in my RV-3 doing “over 200 knots in knife-edged flight.”

I should’ve asked the tower to pull the tape so I could save it! 😜
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You are my hero...I can only hope when my RV-3A is ready to see that kind of speed.