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Old 02-23-2014, 07:39 PM
rv4bill rv4bill is offline
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: orlando
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Default RV-9 down (FL), occupants are OK (2/23/14)

Both occupants are OK

Just saw local news clip that an rv9 out of Sanford landed 16 miles short of Sanford airport on their way back from marsh harbor Bahamas. New clip showed it upside down. So glad to hear they got out.
Bill Whidden
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Old 02-23-2014, 07:59 PM
Arlen's Avatar
Arlen Arlen is offline
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Old 02-23-2014, 08:44 PM
airguy's Avatar
airguy airguy is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Garden City, Tx
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Somethings wonky with your link for me, can't click through.
Greg Niehues - SEL, IFR, Repairman Cert.
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Built an off-plan RV9A with too much fuel and too much HP. Should drop dead any minute now.
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Old 02-23-2014, 08:47 PM
LifeofReiley's Avatar
LifeofReiley LifeofReiley is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Round Rock, TX
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Got it to work on this end, flipping the picture it does look like an RV-9A, N19VC
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Old 02-25-2014, 07:22 AM
gc1016 gc1016 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Long Island, NY
Posts: 39

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine. This plane was built and piloted by his Aunt's long-time boyfriend. According to him, they lost the engine and picked two other landing spots that didn't pan out before landing in the field. The plane flipped on impact. Both pilot and passenger are in the hospital but will be ok. It is my understanding the aircraft had an auto-conversion engine, but I do not know which one.
~Greg W.
N681GC (on reserve)
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Old 02-25-2014, 08:31 AM
hydroguy2's Avatar
hydroguy2 hydroguy2 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Townsend, Montana
Posts: 3,179

looks like this plane
Retired Dam guy. Life is good.
Brian, N155BKsold but bought back.
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Old 02-25-2014, 08:44 AM
rv7boy's Avatar
rv7boy rv7boy is offline
Forum Peruser
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Location: Austinville, Alabama
Posts: 2,501

Originally Posted by gc1016 View Post
...It is my understanding the aircraft had an auto-conversion engine, but I do not know which one.
From this page, I would safely guess it's an "E" engine.

P.S. I just looked at the linked page in Brian's post, and I'd say we know what kind of auto conversion engine it is.
Don Hull
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Old 03-04-2014, 05:16 PM
n801bh n801bh is offline
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Jackson Hole Wy
Posts: 57

Originally Posted by LifeofReiley View Post
Got it to work on this end, flipping the picture it does look like an RV-9A, N19VC
Glad they are ok....

Kinda strange track that lead them that far west of Sanford..... 30 years ago I used to live within a few hundred feet from where they ended up...

I also didn't know Sanford was a port of entry..... That was a sneaky way to avoid clearing customs...
Ben Haas
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Old 03-18-2014, 10:37 AM
vcordero vcordero is offline
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: Sanford, Florida
Posts: 7
Default RV9A Down Summary from the Pilot

I will try to include photos to let you analyze what happened.

This is VictorC the builder/owner/pilot of N19VC, RV9A with Subaru 2.5L engine that crashed on Sunday Feb 23, 2014 in Mount Plymouth, FL. Route of flight was MYAM (Marsh Harbour, Bahamas) to Orlando-Sanford International Airport (KSFB) in Florida.

Some questions were asked in the forum and I will try to provide short answers. Please don't beat me up if they are not detailed. Believe me, I could write a book.

The flight from MYAM to KSFB was a total of three RV's based at SFB on IFR flight plans. The first two RV's were handed over to SFB tower on a 10 mile final to 9L to clear with "SFB Customs".

Someone had a "customs" question. At SFB, 9L/27R is 11,000 feet to handle A300's and B767 flights from places like England and Holland.
Hence, "SFB Customs".

After I leveled off at 3000 ft. and some 12 miles on final to 9L, something in the Prop Speed Unit broke. I have an IVO 3 blade in-flight adjustable prop.

My 'engine out' procedure was performed, 'Backup Batt ON, Backup Fuel Pump ON, Switch to other Fuel Tank" as I declared a Mayday to Orlando approach. My passenger was instructed to "tighten up your shoulder harness hard, we are in trouble".

Approach control issued a 260 heading to the nearest airport 4 miles too far away. I started the turn but saw what appeared to be a "dirt road" in the woods. I lined up with the "road" and started to slow down with full flaps.

On the road there were construction trucks, a crane, and a bull dozer. I was now over the 'road' in ground effect heading towards the construction equipment. I lifted the nose slightly to avoid hitting the Right Wing as I made a very shallow right turn OFF the road and towards a clearing in the woods.

This was Crash Plan "D" and everything was happening very quickly.

Pictures now confirm a very brief three point landing as 'Both mains' and incredibly, the "nose gear" touched down on the soft sandy dirt and the RV9A continued to roll. In answer to a another question. Yes, The airplane was equipped with an ANTI-SPLAT unit on the nose wheel.
Hence, NO flip during first nose gear contact in very rough terrain.

A change in ground elevation OR my bouncing around caused the airplane to rise in the air for a brief moment. During the second landing, The Rt wheel, the Rt wing tip, and Nose gear touched the ground at the same time. There was a very very short rollout then we flipped over as the Nose Gear finally failed into the soft ground.

We were trapped upside down and could "not get out". Twenty minutes later, The sheriff helo found us and he made a very small 10 inche exit hole with his boot at the 'rear' of the slider canopy. I wish I could post the image.

In conclusion: I am not the expert but I do regularly practice emergency scenarios both in the hangar and also while flying in the pattern.

Items for thought and practice:
WE were extremely fortunate that things worked out.
--Practice engine out / power off landings to minimize the 'surprise' if it comes
--Practice end of the runway departure turn around ( figure out YOUR safe altitude for a safe return)
--Practice telling each other to tighten your shoulder harness because a canopy strike will kill you.
--Practice approaches to 'best glide speed' until you are in ground effect on your home runway.

When there is a fatal airplane stall, people tend to say that "he tried to extend the glide, he stalled it and died". When I talk to my friends, there appears to be some confusion of where and how you transition from glide speed/ landing speed to stall speed in an emergency WITH NO POWER.

*Folks love to quote the text books but PLEASE put the info you quote to real world practice.

Again, I am not the expert on this. In MY case we has a No Power descent from 3000 feet. Plan A, B or C "did not work". It could have all gone bad. We got lucky on Plan D.

I apologize if the write up was too long. Hopefully, something I wrote may help you in a similar situation.

I thank you for your kind words. We spent the night at the trauma hospital in Orlando, FL. No broken bones, just Whip Lash.

God Bless and fly safe.

VictorC N19VC
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