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Default Voyage to Hidden Paradise

Trip was well planned thanks to Ron Belliveau who responded to my question What's up in Nova Scotia? with Come and See. Now Ron owns it.

Hop in my RV and up I go. Glad to be out of this.

Crossed some taiga plenty of landing spots.

In two hours was descending to Bethel Regional Airport in Maine.

Cheap fuel here topped off. Cool terminal with well stocked fridge. Not a single person around and it's nice Saturday morning. Made couple phone calls to foreign government institutions and left.

In the midst of the Gulf (of Maine). An interesting thing I figured out. If you don't see both shores and there are clouds build up the engine indeed sounds differently.

I was briefed on local weather. That corner of Canada I am heading to is always misty. Doesn't matter if weather is excellent all over Canada, Nova Scotia still would be foggy. The good thing about fog is it's keeping all those VFR pilots out of this paradise otherwise invaders would be here in large numbers...

Finally I can see some land.

Found my first foreign airport.

Customs time!

Nobody showed up at declared time, I made a phone call to CANPASS just to make sure I am all right. They said good to go.

Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.
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