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Originally Posted by airtractor8 View Post
I recently changed out my 0320 powered 6's airfilter. Mine is the early type FAB with the lower alclad airfilter retaining plate and the 5 long AN3 retaining bolts. The standard filter from Vans is a K&N #E3260. This filter requires cutting and sealing with goop to fit around the accelerator pump on the MA4SPA carb. Although this setup has not given me any grief in the last 16 years the idea of cutting the filter and sealing it with goop has never really sat very well with me.
A couple of weeks ago I happened across a thread on one of the facebook RV pages where a builder spoke of changing the filter out to a K&N E3322 that would fit around the accelerator pump and float bowl drain and didn't require cutting. I ordered one and set about making the change and just thought I would share some pics for anyone who may be interested.
It did require making a new lower retaining plate(see pics of the old and new) and a small adjustment to the FAB mounting plate with a Dremel to allow a little for the new bump in the filter around the accelerator pump side.
Very timely. I am redoing the FAB on my new to me RV 0320. Maybe doing this mod as I dont like the idea of RTV around the carb intake. I have been seeing the E3322 in searches but this is the first one showing the mod to the lower retaining plate as mine has. NICE!

Question, The filter, currently on it, has the RTV and notch cut, but it doesn't go all the way to the outside of filter "gasket". I don't see why RTV is even needed as there is a air tight gasket seal from the bottom retaining plate and the top of the carb mounting plate. Im not sure what the RTV is even doing in that situation. Anyone with thoughts ?
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