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Default Operation Boomer

I got the call from the Boxer Ladies last week that they needed to get a boy boxer from the Madison, WI area to a new family in Minne this weekend. The weather looked good and Bernie even offered to fly wing in his -7A!

We launched at 8am and took in the countryside - All the MOAs are cold, so we go direct!

Bernie kept me company.... Those dang 180HP birds are fast!

15 kt tailwinds got us there early - Turning final at Dodge County, WI

We landed, got a cookie, and met Boomer. Kim from the local shelter brought him to the plane.

You sure you can fly this thing? (Bernie Weiss Photo)

We strapped in, and headed on back to Minne. (Bernie Weiss Photo)

Boomer spent most of the flight in my lap!

What a great dog!

Wake me up when we land.....

*Everybody had a great day....

*New Family!

See all the pics here:

Hey guys, look into Pilots&Paws - it is great way to have fun and help some great animals.

* Note the last 2 pictures are not mine - they were taken by Cheryl of Minnesota Boxer Rescue

Amateur Plane - RV-9A N789PH - 2400+ Hrs
Amateur Radio - KD0CVN
Doggies Delivered - 25+
St. Paul, MN

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