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On Thursday, 12/10, 42 airplanes departed from Salt Lake Int'l, KSLC, or their nearby home airport to deliver food, toys, clothing, and other necessities to the Navajo Nations in southeast Utah.
Those airplanes able to land on dirt strips flew their cargo to either Montezuma Creek airport or Navajo Mountain airport. Both airports are on the Navajo reservation and are private strips. The other option was to fly to Blanding Municipal, KBDG, and transfer your load to one of the planes shuttling boxes to the other two strips.
I and the 2 other RVs signed up to deliver 150 pounds of goods to Blanding. In the name of safety, the organizers reduced the requested weight by 20 percent. The Cessnas were loaded with 300+ pounds and the Kodiak and big twins were loaded up with much more. The safety of all involved was kept paramount. There were daily email weather updates and even a YouTube safety video briefing 2 days prior.

Additional info can be found here:

A few pics here:
Five Sierra Fox

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