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Yesterday afternoon I departed KSJT at 103F on the ground, don't even want to guess what the runway surface temperature was. Density altitude was 5800. Two butts in the seats and 28 gallons plus about 40 pounds in the baggage compartment. I came off the runway on an intersection departure and pitched for about 95 knots in the climb, about a minute and a half later Tower calls me and asks "What engine do you have in that thing?"

I was climbing at 1600/min in that heat with that load - and I wasn't really pushing it.

THAT'S why we (some of us, anyway) put 360's on the 9. It's not for flat-out speed, because it doesn't buy you any more Vne or Vno or Va - those are structural limits and you ignore them at your own peril. It's for the ability to get out of Indian Country and get up high quickly and let that wing do it's thing in mid teens where it wants to be.

Think of it this way - if you are worried about the extra horsepower, don't use it. Simply limit your maximum manifold pressure by 2" less than whatever airport you are taking off from, and you'll be equivalent to the 320. Just because you HAVE the extra horsepower doesn't mean you must use it. Just like a new car driver with a hopped-up mustang, ease into it gradually and feel it out, rather than going drifting around the street corners. The extra power is really nice when you want it - but it's optional, and you have the control literally in your hand.
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