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Regarding the incorrect trim (and flap) indication issue:
Assuming this is the initial configuration, and not a situation where "it was working once but is not working now", it is likely a wiring issue. Please try this:
- connect the VP-X configurator to the VP-X and go to the trim or flap page. There you will see several numbers, one of them indicating the current trim or flap position.
- Command movement of the trim or flaps, and you'll see the "current position" number move consistently as the motor is running.
- If the number does not move steadily between roughly 0 to 255 as the motor runs, then the wiring to the position sensor/servo is incorrect.

If the number is not moving, then the indicator on the EFIS will not move as well.

Regarding the low battery:
- connect the VP-X to the configurator on your PC.
- look to see if any of the circuits are faulted, then reset them. The low battery condition causes the amperage to rise, sometimes tripping a circuit.
- also turn on/off the circuits from the configurator (and move the flaps) to confirm they work

Hope that helps.
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