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Dave, I have the same problem and received the same answers from Dynon and Vertical Power. However, I didn't really pursue it any further and now I have just learned to trim by experience. The only time I wished I had it was at takeoff but I have solved that primarily by learning to count how long to hold the trim down button after a landing. Trimming up while landing is the most my trim moves on any flight and I've gotten pretty good at getting the trim right for takeoff and I don't really miss not having the indicator.

I actually have the same issue with the flap indicator but when I did my transition training with Mike Seager he taught me his technique. He only uses two flap settings, half and full. Half flaps for me on downwind is a four count, and another four count to full flaps on base. It has worked wonderfully and I have no need for the indicator.

Would it have been nice to have the elevator trim indicator show me the takeoff setting? Yeah...but I'm perfectly happy counting to three now.
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