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Originally Posted by genelee59 View Post
But no matter what, i'm all about learning everything i can about recovery, because i'm sure to goof up something as i learn
BTW, in the first video Adam hints at something that most aerobatic and airshow pilots know and/or utilize, but do not necessarily teach to those receiving primary aerobatic/spin training - that is the use of power during spin recoveries. Most aerobatic airplanes will recover a spin (normal, flat, upright, inverted, etc.) more quickly with power than without power. Airshow pilots always leave power in to recover flat spins. But in this case, power is used as an active recovery technique for a spin mode that has been practiced many times to precise and known outcomes. This is a very different concept from emergency spin recovery that would be invoked in cases of accidental spins possibly involving pilot confusion or lost situational awarenesss. In this case, leaving power on can make things worse if your inputs aren't correct. Power off is a way to remove potentially upsetting spin forces, and is virtually universally accepted as a critical step in emergency spin recovery. The first step in training is to ingrain default responses into pilot's brains that will keep them from killing themselves. More advanced techniques can be practiced as the pilot's skill and comfort level increase.

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