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We flew just under a thousand NM for the "weekend".

We left Houston KDWH Thursday (3/5) mid day and flew to Aero Country (T31). Overnight stop to pick up gear and short visit with Taco and Cannon.

Friday another short hop to North Little Rock to have dinner with Slats. Bill, Sandy and I went to Doe's and shared a 3lb steak. YUM.

N174RT in Bill's hangar. THANKS.

Sandy enjoying the last of the steak. Hard to tell that the bone is at least 2" thick.

I've done some "gaggle" flying but I'm not trained for formation flying, so N174RT was tail end Charlie (about 1/2 mile in trail) for a flight of 5 RV's from KORK to Morrilton (KBDQ) for Saturday morning breakfast hosted by EAA 1590.
Runup complete:

Breakfast Hangar:

We topped the fuel tanks in KBDQ and headed to Gallatin TN to visit my first cousin and her husband.
Sunrise in Gallatin:

We tentatively planned to fly to East Tennessee on Sunday but did not plan well for renting a car. We like to fly in and out of Knoxville Downtown Island (KDKX) and discovered (AGAIN) that except for McGee Tyson the rental car companies close early on Saturday and are closed on Sunday. SOOO, we flew to Tullahoma TN, borrowed the courtesy car and went to Lynchburg for a tour and tasting at Jack Daniels.

Sunset in Tullahoma:

Monday morning we flew from Tullahoma to Knoxville Downtown Island where our rental car was waiting for us. No more flying planned for the next week, in part due to weather and in part to visit friends and family.


N174RT (RV-7A) first flight 5/31/11, 2000hrs as of 6/5/22:
Tip-up, Lycon IO-360 EXP, WW 74HRT, AFS 5600T, AF-Pilot, IFD440, SL-30, echoUAT, D100 for backup, CQ1 headsets, CMW E-Lift

Our other riveted aluminum monocoque RV is a 2012 25' Eddie Bauer Airstream

Past aluminum monocoque vehicles:
N601RT (CH601HDS) First flight 5/03, 1550hrs after flying 8 years: 912ULS, GNS430W, SL-30, D10A Sold
1995 Midnight Pearl NSX w/BBSC Sold

EAA Chapter 105 board member 2010->2015
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