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Default part 2

Sept-Iles Airport - CYZV

Matt/Dave's plane and ours ready for refuelling. What a nightmare trying to remove the fuel caps. No elasticity left in the o-rings.
Needed to use a screwdriver to pry the caps open. Paint damage to surrounding area, but what can you do.

John's plane getting refueled. Once we managed to pry open our fuel caps with a screwdriver, we all ran inside away from the cold and blustering wind and let the fuel guy do his thing.

Now this is where the real fun begins...

I though I could get away with sneaking one out. What do we call that in transportation.... spoilage! My cats warned me ahead of time though, no dogs allowed.
We're just lucky our cats let us live with them, and clean up and feed them.

John has found a new friend.

RV-9A Ottawa, Canada
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