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Default PnP mission Ottawa - Sept-Iles and back

What to do on a cold -28C morning.... why not fly two RV7 and one RV9 to Sept-Iles QC from Ottawa ON, a 500 nm leg and bring back some dogs for PnPC.
We had 7 pups and two adults of which they thought one might be pregnant. Just beautiful dogs melting your heart away. Tried to sneak one in my coat, but got caught every time.

Left at 7 AM and returned back to Ottawa at around 7 PM. Twelve hour trip, with about 8 hours of air time, over 1000 nm round trip.

Plan was to fuel the planes at our departure airport, however they were having fuel distribution problems, so we quickly adjusted the flight plan and flew to
Smiths Falls CYSH about a dozen minutes away. The flight after that was just over 3 hours for a straight 500 nm to Sept-Iles.

Either Matt or Dave had a minor emergency requiring a pit stop. They diverted to Chicoutimi CYRC while we continued on. They have the faster RV so they
could catch up to us. That’s what happens when you down a smoothie on the way to the airport.

Matt and Dave in the black RV7, John in the orange one.

[apologies for the different size photos, as they come from different sources]

While checking for cylinder temps during engine preheat, the Dynon D10A EFIS did not even want to power up while the D100 was complaining it was cold and
density altitude was close to a mile below ground. The temp sensor later stabilized at -28C and the D10A was up and running about 5 minutes into our flight.

Crossing the Saguenay river.

If you look closely, the Saguenay river seems to have an ice road plowed. Hmmm, might be good for an emergency landing. Further inspection
reveals an ice breaker operating in the area.... OK, note to self not to try and land there.

John caught us doing an eclipse of the sun. He felt the chill but still managed to grab his camera for this shot.

I tried to reciprocate, but this photo of him looks quite ordinary.

RV-9A Ottawa, Canada
First flight Dec. 18, 2008
> 1,000 hrs tach.

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