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I have the Tosten military-style grips in my RV-14. I have it wired as follows:
  • 4-way hat: pitch and roll trim
  • trigger: PTT
  • small index finger button: A/P disconnect/CWS
  • outboard thumb button: swap audio panel mic input from Comm 1 to Comm 2
  • inboard thumb button: activate standby frequency on selected Comm radio
  • lower thumb button: smoke on/off

I love my setup so far. When I break out of phase I and start flying into busier airspace and/or IFR, it will be great to have four radio frequencies tuned and ready without having to touch anything on the panel. For now, it's nice enough to have Comm 1 tuned to CTAF with Guard on standby and Comm 2 tuned to the two AWOS frequencies I need most often in my testing area.

One note on the Tosten grips: The small index finger switch is not something you will inadvertently press. It is recessed and, if you are wearing gloves, might even be a challenge to press intentionally.

I have done a few other things in regard to my sticks that are probably worth thinking about, if not duplicating:
  • Toggle switch to choose which stick is active: Pilot, Copilot, or Both. This lets me disable the passenger's stick buttons or my own, in the event of a stuck mic or runaway trim situation due to wiring on the pilot stick. It is just a three-position switch where the center position grounds both stick common wires and the two side positions selectively lift one or the other.
  • Alternate pitch trim. This lets me run the pitch trim servo from a panel-mounted toggle switch powered by the IBBS backup battery in the event of a main power failure. This is a bit more involved with a NORM/ALT switch and a momentary toggle switch to run the trim when in ALT mode.
  • Panel-mounted pilot and copilot PTT buttons. These are great when you're on autopilot or when the copilot wants to talk on the radio while you are trying to fly the plane, because either of you can transmit without touching the stick.
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