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Default Advanced Avidyne IFR Quick Panel

Complete Panel Ready to Install $34,995

We are introducing a new RV-7/9 and RV-10 Advanced Quick Panel with the Avidyne IFD-540 GPS Navigator. The panel includes: Two AF-5600T EFIS, D6 Backup EFIS, Dual ADAHRS, GPS, AF-Com Radio, PS Engineering Remote Audio Panel, Autopilot Control module, 406 ELT with GPS input, 2 Axis Auto Trim, Mode S ADSB Transponder, ADS-B Weather & Traffic, Backup battery, Flap Positioning and lighting controller.

I have been flying with the new Avidyne IFD-540 for a few months now and it has a number of superior features. In addition to the dedicated knobs and buttons that many pilots prefer for frequent pilot actions, the IFD540's Hybrid Touch capability allows you to perform virtually all of those same functions via the touch-screen interface, as well as providing additional MultiTouch functionality like pinch-zoom, map panning, and graphical flight plan editing, allowing the pilot to decide to use the MultiTouch screen, or knobs and buttons depending on the pilot’s phase of flight.

Rob Hickman
Advanced Flight Systems Inc.

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