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Well dang... I violated the golden rule of fiberglass when I was making my rear skirt; get your forms right!

After some sanding and filling I just wasn't happy with how the rear skirt was coming out. The top I got to look great but the bottom where no-one would ever see looked like a horror show. There was also a little gap on the right side that was just a little too big for my liking probably due to fill I put on the bottom in an attempt to make it look nicer. I just can't live with knowing imperfections like that are there so I decided to make a new one.

I went with a different approach this time by taping off the fuse and then filling/forming the shape a bit with some body filler and eventually micro mix. You can see what I mean in the next two pics.

20190713_154003 by Jereme Carne, on Flickr

20190713_154010 by Jereme Carne, on Flickr

I think part of the reason the tape got a little saggy before was because it was strong enough to actually pull the canopy back a little bit. So this time I clamped the canopy in the forward position ( doesn't take a ton of force) and put a popsickle stick in between the frame and the pin mount block to hold it open ever so slightly. This way when it is closed it will close of up any minor gaps.

20190713_153951 by Jereme Carne, on Flickr

20190713_153955 by Jereme Carne, on Flickr

Overall the form is looking waaaaay better this time. I will lightly sand it tomorrow and put another coat on to fill any low spots. I'm waiting on more fiberglass so I will get to laying this up again in a few days. I also wasn't overly thrilled with the strength of 4 layers so I think I'm going to go with 5 or even more likely 6 this time. Anyways, you win some and lose some just gotta keep on truckin!
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