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Ian, great post. This is exactly what I was looking for. Very informative and a good look into the thought behind the UI and features.

In VFR, I could lose everything and be okay. But in IMC, losing the attitude/altitude/airspeed would be well beyond my comfort zone. And if this was combined with the loss of radios, I would need new underwire if I lived through it. (Not IFR rated yet, so this is not a serous concern yet)

So, this is the concern behind my questions. Looks like I will go with the full radio stack.

Now the question is; how to upgrade piece meal and work with the great features of the new EFIS's? It would be great if the radios could be controlled by both the EFIS and radio control head.

Seems the Trig TT22 and TT31 mode S transponders can be controlled by the EFIS and the Trig control head. So this may solve the upcoming ADS-B issue and not require a whole panel upgrade.

But the radios and audio panel are still in question. Will the PAR100 or PMA5000EX work with Dynon, GRT or any of the other EFIS's? How about the ICOM 210 or garmin radios? Can it be controlled by the EFIS? Will a Dynon radio play nice with a GRT EFIS?

Also, any thoughts on autopilots solely controlled by the EFIS for IFR in an RV? Although I have a TT Digiflight now, the AP's for the EFIS have some great features at a relatively low cost. Very enticing.
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