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Some thoughts on IFR. Lets talk integration. Integration by definition means that your life should be simpler. Stop dealing with 10 things on the panel and deal with one. If your in a huge cockpit, maybe you done care if your messing with 10 different units. Here is a sample of whats possible off the top of my head.

Your IFR, you going into your destination. Typically you must stop looking at attitude and begin the mundane, distracting, task of looking up the atis and weather for decisioning.
Your EFIS knows alot about what you want already. It knows where you are going. It knows your gonna need the weather. It knows what the weather is. It knows what you likely gonna want to know and when. One button can now give you weather in text. Or text to speech audio in your headset. It can set your baro, tell you the best runway for the winds. It has notams current. It knows what runways are closed, what ILS is out of service, etc. It can help you make lots of decisions at the push of a button. Whether VFR or IFR, it can stop you from being distracted off your flying attitude job and keep you focused on the screen while doing other simple tasks. The possibilities are endless. We are not there quite yet, but we are getting there.
Course when the screen goes TU, we have to have a plan for that as well. But the EFIS gives us so much integration, reduced workload, simplicity of use etc, we should not be scared of it. We should learn it, use it for what its good for, plan for the failures, and enjoy the fun of integration. Its really cool stuff.
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