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Originally Posted by Wingit View Post
I have checked out all of the different ideas about how to make sure the bolts holding counter weights do not become loose, now I am confused.
1 is it possible to achieve proper toque on the fastener holding counter weight.
2 is tight as possible the right torque, if so, will red loc-tite keep the fasteners from coming loose.
3 if you go the nut plate version and there is a void where the nuts and washers were should that be fill with something like RTV to fill the void and anchor the nut plate
4 if you use the nut plate should you stop torquing when the bolt starts to embed in the weight
MS21047L3 Nutplate
Nutplate - 10-32 Thread, Self-Locking Nutplate, Two Lug, Low Height, Cadmium Plated Carbon Steel, 450,, With Dry-Film Lube, Plain Rivet Holes
You will notice that the AN509-10R16 screw is difficult to thread in it, that is because it is self-locking. some people think it is a bad nutplate and they run a tap through it, but then it is not self-lucking anymore. be very careful with that. Call me if you like. Good luck.
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