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Default Suge Delivered!

It has been awhile since I have done a rescue flight for the Boxer Ladies, but when they called about Suge, I was happy to help. Suge got hit by a car on the Bluegrass Hwy near Bardstown, KY and broke both his hind legs and pelvis.

He was in pretty rough shape, but the vet here in Minne said he could fix him up, so trains, planes and automobiles were mobilized to get him North. Laura drove him from Bardstown to Indy where Mike picked him up in his Classic Cherokee 140. Mike was a big part of the Sully rescue a while ago.

2 hrs later Mike pulled into the pattern 2 min after me at Rochelle, IL - the skydive and crop dusting capital of the world tonight!! There were turbine planes everywhere.... On the ramp, almost ready to go:

Everyone contributed to the Rochelle Sanitary Sewer District and then we loaded up. The crate did not fit in the RV, so we gently moved Suge to the floor of the plane. He and Mike both look ready to go!

Kick the tires and light the fires!

We endured crummy visibility and battled rain showers on the way home, but nothing too serious at all. Even with a busted up back end, this is one of the nicest dogs I have seen. We shared pretzels for dinner, then he snuggled up and napped:

Later on, he wanted to to fly...."Dog is my co-pilot" There - I said it.....

The unload at Anoka came off with out a hitch....

I think this big fella is gonna make it......


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