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Default A tale of two tanks

Posting in the general section to get the broadest distribution.
I have a set of QB 8 wings. I removed the fuel tank access covers today to have a little look see and I am wondering if this is normal.
Neither picture is great but you will get the idea if you look hard enough.
In one wing there is some considerable amount of tank sealant applied to the T-407 reinforcing ring and the associated platenuts.
If you look in the inspection mirror you can see that there is a complete covering of sealant from the open lip to beyond the edge of the T-407.

In the other wing the sealant is used far less liberally. The rivets for the platenuts are all covered and there is a bead of sealant extruded from under the T-407 but there was not a slathering of sealant applied like the other wing.

For those of you with experience building tanks, what is your opinion?
Since they are QB wings they have in theory already been leak tested and passed but I am curious what the collected wisdom thinks regarding the amount of sealant on the second tank.
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