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Default Bolt Lenght

Originally Posted by benfra View Post
Did same thing, dosent appear to be enough threading in axel. Next time I was careful and used a good amount of blue thread lock. Good Luck
Its very easy to bottom a bolt out, but to over tighten it and have it break is another thing. There are torque limits for a reason, just because its not all the way down, item its supposed to hold and has a space under the head does not mean keep wrenching. It means, find out why the bolt is not going to tighten against the item. Real easy take a wire and use it to find out what the problem is. Use it to measure from the surface of the item to the bottom of the hole. Happens quite often that the bolt is too long or hole needs to be threaded more or drilled deeper. More than just a little force was exerted to break it off.
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