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I know it looks temporary but those wires/tubes zip tied to the flight control mechanism makes me cringe for some reason.

The white stuff is typical of what happens when condensation from galvanized metal lands on alcad aluminum and dries. Many times this can be cleaned off with a swipe from a scotchbrite pad. Hard to tell how much damage has been done from a pic.

I would be concerned with the spars and stuff that has layers. If that stuff gets in between the layers, it can be impossible to get out.
The inside of the wing would be hard to clean up.

No way I would use those breakers and if that last pic is typical, this kit has issues. That one rivet shop head is almost corroded away.

The powder coated stuff looks typical considering the other parts. Those could be cleaned up and repainted.

I would pass, this thing already looks worse than some airplanes that are over 50 years old. It will take a bunch of work to clean this up!
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