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Originally Posted by gotyoke View Post
Congrats! Out of curiosity, did you communicate with Vans after the crating started to establish the shipping plans? I ask because I'm considering picking up my kit in Oregon instead of getting it shipped, and I'm unsure of the logistics of that.
No, they arranged everything. I didn’t even know it actually shipped until I received a call from the carrier. The new status website doesn’t seem to be up to date. It still indicated crating when it arrived at my door.

I have not had a chance to inventory yet but the packing looked very good. Crate had minor damage (top peeled up on one side) but noted no damage to any internal pieces where crate damage occurred. I did see what appears to be a crease on one of the skins in the bottom of the crate (nowhere near the damage). Will know more when I dig into it.
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