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Status Report: #8

That report is about:
  • Final riveting of the Horizontal Stabilizer

That time the report is short and very focused on the
Horizontal Stab. riveting.

  • Final riveting of the Horizontal Stabilizer

After short session of painting we got the parts yellow
shinny and corrosion protected. All is ready to make
the final assembly. Front spar riveted together with the
front spar cap, nose ribs, in-spar ribs tied together with
the stringers. All that riveted together to form the backbone
assembly of the two small wings of the Horizontal.

Two pieces of the skins to cover each wing all riveted
to the flanges. and rear spar to seal the construction.

  • Summary:

That is it short but focused. The final riveting
of the Horizontal finalizing the 3rd part of the
plane. After exactly 1948 rivets we feel super
energetic to move forward toward the 2 last parts
of the Empennage.

Roman & Dima
Blogging my RV14 here:

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