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Originally Posted by grubbat View Post
I?ve been running EarthX for a couple of years and I really like the low weight and fast starts. However, I am in the middle of troubleshooting some things that may or may not be EarthX related. First, sometimes when I start the plane, the BMS will shut off all voltage and anything electric goes dead, like my Efis. The problem may be the lightweight skytec starter is pulling too many amps and causing the battery BMS to kick in. Thank goodness I have a new skytec starter that I?ll install and see if the problem continues. If the starter is drawing more amps than normal, then the EarthX is doing what it is supposed to do. If not, then that would be rather discomforting as I would not want the battery to go offline while on a trip. A backup battery as some have suggested on VAF May be on my winter project list soon next to the fuel tank reseal that I just can not wait to start and the root canals I?m saving up for.

Another problem that I have been having possibly related to EarthX is that my alternator will trip the 5amp breaker sometimes after takeoff. I currently have two B&C alternators and one B&C voltage regulator. A simple toggle switch determines which alternator is active. With a PC625 battery, it?s stable and the circuit breaker never trips. With the EarthX, the front alternator will trip the circuit breaker but the pad mounted alternator won?t. B&C said that the switch may have enough resistance to cause their voltage regulator to sense an issue and trip the circuit breaker but the problem goes away with a standard lead acid battery like the PC625. So, the EarthX is on the way back to factory and in the interim, I?ll use the trusty and very heavy PC625.

Besides these issues, I LOVE the EarthX and hope I don?t have to go back to lead. Maybe a backup EarthX mounted on firewall is the answer, who knows.
I had a similar problem during cranking intermittently which seemed to be getting worse. Sometimes engine would crank normally, and other times I would get about 1/8 revolution of the prop and then my VPX would shut down and then all other electronics would go south. Volts on EarthX was 13.2 per spec, but when I put a load tester on it, voltage was 10.2. Removed battery and found that case was severely swollen on sides and bottom. Replaced battery with same EarthX model battery and everything is good. Battery age was three years so no warranty but Kathy at Earthx gave me a 20% discount on new battery.
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