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When I mix microballoons to fill what consistency is best? Is the peanut butter of the void filler right or something a little different?

I filled in the hollow swale on either side and laid a longer overlay on the left side back to the aft edge to tie in the thin forward edge. 60 and 80 grit sanding with a good faired transition from the flat side to the curved middle. Pulled the top tape all around and not going to sand further until the holes and such are filled. What I learned is that if I take too much I can just lay more down and fix it. The metal corner where the canopy dives behind the frame is impossible to keep glass on and have a good shape so I’m done trying for that.

Pics show a new top layer of tape to sacrifice when I lay the filler epoxy down. When that hardens I’ll feather the edge and then repeat. Then I should be ready to get the final shape.

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