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Originally Posted by Randle View Post
I just want to say how happy and proud of our community I am. I just received an email from my host for the video Dropbox saying "Your Public links have been temporarily suspended for generating excessive traffic." The daily public download limit for the free account which I am using is 20GB. At 80.5MB a pop, that's more than 254 downloads today before 7pm. Talk about impressive. I was able to get the suspension lifted after begging. So if someone else has that ablility to post another link of the video from a file sharing host to help maintain the current link that would be helpful and appreciated. Maybe DR or a Moderator can load it up on here somewhere to make it available if they lock my account up again.
Maybe you ought to try paying for it instead of steeling it. Lets do the math.. 285 x 29.95=$8,535.75. Not a bad haul for one morning. I an glad you are so "Happy and Proud" of being a thief and enabling others to be the same.
By the way, the video wasn't a Mattituck produced film, it was made by some guys that worked there and that spend a lot of their hard earned money producing it. These guys aren't and weren't rich. They had a good idea and invested a lot of their time and money to produce the series. Why don't all you thieves that downloaded it for free do the right thing and go and buy a copy.
It is legally available at:

Its not hard to do the right thing, it only takes ethics.

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