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Originally Posted by DHeal View Post
I like the highly scenic/rugged coastal route if there is no coastal fog to deal with. Also, the coastal route offers generally favorable winds from the NW if you are flying south-bound. The coastal route has fewer emergency landing spots along the way but does have a number of good airports enroute. The inland route generally has better weather (i.e., no fog) but can be somewhat turbulent and hotter during summer months. For scenic diversity I often like to fly one route (coast or inland) one way and return on the other route -- depending on the weather and turbulence. Where in the SFO area do you plan to alight?
One option is to end up in Santa Rosa if the Snoopy Hockey tourney is back on. I have good friends in the Berkley area so that is the plan. Any recommendations? I like the down the coast / up the inland idea.

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