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Originally Posted by Longez View Post
Hello Jeff,

Since you have a dual COM installation with an audio panel, the intercom function must be disabled in both the GTR 200 and GTR 200B. If you have the intercom enabled on the GTR 200B, you can't hear it through the audio panel intercom.

None of the Bluetooth functions of the GTR 200B (e.g. music and phone support) are available when the intercom is disabled.

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It is odd to have a GTR 200B in an installation with an audio panel, because you can't use any of the Bluetooth features of the GTR 200B, so you may as well have 2 GTR 200 radios.

To have Bluetooth music and phone features in a dual COM radio installation, you need a GMA 245, not a GMA 240.


Thank you for that info. I'll check that out tomorrow. Might be a GMA 240 on the market soon.

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