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Default Wing kit wiring harness

The wing kit came with wiring harness. I'm going with Garmin GX3 system. It came with 4 basic harnesses. Two for lighting, one for each wing (WH-00011) One for the roll servo (WH-00013) and one for the ADAHRS (WH-00012).

Will the WH-00013 and WH-00012 work out of the box with garmin roll servo and GSU-25?

Also, does the ADAHRS mounting bracket accommodate the GSU-25. Putting it inside the wing at that location looks like a very difficult spot for it in terms of maintenance. Any experience with this location would be appreciated.

I find the wiring harnesses that ship with the kit to be frustrating because there is so little information about how to apply them to Garmin GX3 and the CAN Bus.
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