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Default Update

We are machining more FAB mounts now and have added 2 recesses for the vacuum fittings to clear on the newer gold 60mm throttle bodies.

Note that the standard FAB upper plates won't fit with the earlier silver throttle bodies and must have a recess milled in the front face to clear the cover plate and upper screws. We'll have some extra ones here we can machine to provide this clearance if you have a silver TB. Thanks to Art for his feedback. The FAB kits were designed for the gold TBs but looks like we can make them work with the silver ones too.

On the SDS EFI kit supply front, we just continue to get busier every month and time to build is now approaching 3 weeks from order. Some of our suppliers and contractors are tapped out trying to keep up with demand and same goes in the shop here on labor to assemble and ship components. I'm back to working 6 day weeks again now...

This is a consequence of the order (and email) volume. We thank everyone for their orders and are doing our best to supply in a timely fashion while retaining quality control levels.

Barry is making good progress on EM-6 software and you'll see some of that code migrate into V32 EM-5 systems maybe next week after further testing. Still lots to do on that front but it's getting there.

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