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Default Design

Hang with me a moment, it is on topic. Good friends of ours purchased a car, based somewhat on our good experiences with Subaru Outbacks. They got the new model at the time, a 2018, fully loaded- every option. They park in a locked and attached garage. Several times, they found the car with a drained battery. It could happen in a couple days. Turns out, the modern key fob and the car would have a battery depleting conversation. And yes, after a few of these, the dealer points out somewhere, in the 400 page manual, one is instructed to not leave the keys in the car or near the car. In fact, take them out, and even better, drop them in a faraday cage (coffee can) so these battery depleting conversations don't occur.
I tell this story to make a point about good design. Yes, it was mentioned in the manual, and perhaps it behaved as expected according to the engineering specifications, yet for those of us who park in a garage, camp next to the car, the only benefit this behavior has is it makes a great case study in stupid design. Those designers get an F. In the same fashion, if an aircraft electronic ignition system doesn't safely handle low or no voltage situations, another F, whether or not it is behaving as expected.
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