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Originally Posted by BlakeFrazier View Post
Howdy folks... writing up a document to address the topic of tailwheel shimmy has been on my do-list for some time. Thanks for giving me the extra incentive to get it knocked out! I've created a post on our blog, which aggregates information from several other posts on the topic and applies it directly to RVs.

Link to the full article here:

The short synopsis goes like this:
- Tailwheel geometry is the biggest contributing factor to shimmy
- Fixing the tailwheel geometry can be fairly easy and low cost.
- Another VAF user has discussed a method for putting a bend in the tail spring to improve the steering angle geometry, with good results (link here)

This is the geometry we're shooting for.

After reading through the information here, I suspect I know the answer. That being said, how does my geometry look?

Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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