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Originally Posted by bmarvel View Post
For the past 715 hours, I have been using the short reach NGK BR8ES plugs in the long reach adapters for the one P-Mag I have installed in my -14A. Performance and reliability have been so good that I ordered another P-Mag yesterday.

A forum search did not reveal the answer to my question. I can continue to use the short reach NGK plugs, but prefer to install long reach plugs instead. I don't want to use the more expensive Denso IKH 27 iridium long reach plugs mentioned in the P-Mag manual if I don't have to since I throw them away each year.

My question: Does anyone know if there is an NGK plug that is simply the long reach version of the BR8ES and at a similar price?
I'm planning to ditch the adapters and use Denso L-14U's or Autolite 386's. They are around $2/each at our local auto parts store plenty of options on line. These are 18MM threads (same as aviation plugs) with a 12MM reach.

These have been used by others on the forum for over 25 years with good results.

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