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Originally Posted by Lemos View Post
I was debating adding a 10-15 gallon fuel tank to my plane. However, I am not sure I can. Yes my airplane is experimental but it has an airworthiness certificate. My limits say that a minor change has no appreciable effects on w&b, structural strength, reliability, operational characteristics, or other characteristics affecting airworthiness. It goes on to say changes that arenít minor need FAA approval, and an airworthiness review and authorization.

Adding fuel might affect the reliability of the fuel system, and certainly would affect the operational characteristics. Therefore I think this isnít a minor change and requires FAA approval and an airworthiness review. Is this correct?
Make an appointment with your local FSDO to get the airworthiness certificate and operating limitations re-issued. Your new oplims will require that you notify the FSDO of your intention to put the airplane into phase 1 after a major change and get their approval of your proposed test flight area. They won't need to re-inspect the airplane. It may be possible for a DAR to issue the certificate and oplims. It's worth checking with a local DAR.

Ed Holyoke
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